Nurses Week starts on National Nursing Day, May 6th, and ends on May 12th, Florence Nightingale’s birthday, and it’s the best opportunity of the year to show gratitude to the biggest workforce in the country. Keep reading for the top ways to celebrate Nurses Week 2023! 👇👇👇

1. Give your support

Do your best to support the nurse in your life and make sure that they are in good hands should be the number one priority for the loved ones of nurses everywhere, just like they are for their patients. This means better access to mental health resources at work, safe staffing, and safe work environments.

A simple way to support nurses in this way is to support legislation in your area that has nurses’ best interests in mind. If such legislation doesn’t exist in your era, contact your representatives and urge them to support legislation that will help nurses!

2. Give a gift

Gift giving can be sincere way to acknowledge the service of these caregivers during this special week. Large or small, gifting them a present goes a long way for a nurse in your life.

Need ideas? >> Check out this gift list from the holidays. After all, gift giving doesn’t have an expiration date!

3. Volunteer to help

Do your research to see if any any hospitals in your area offer any volunteer opportunities to to ease some of the burdens off of nurses’ shoulders! Volunteer opportunities could include anything from stocking linens to visiting patients to prepping supplies.

4. Thank a Nurse

The next time you’re working a shift and encounter a nurse you love being with, or utilizing a healthcare service when you come into contact with a nurse who makes the process easier, just try offering your sincere thanks to your co-workers or the nurses taking care of you. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture to show gratitude. Whether it’s through an email, handwritten letter or in person, we guarantee that nurses everywhere would enjoy even the smallest token of appreciation.

PRO TIP: As a patient, you may not remember their name, but it is still possible to send them your gratitude! For example, go to the post office and mail your thank you card with as many details as possible to the facility or hospital during your stay.

Check out this heartfelt letter from a patient’s family who was under the care of one of our nurses, LPN, Robin Mayle

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