Our mission at Interim HealthCare Hospice is to treat every patient family we serve with the same care and respect we would naturally afford our most precious loved ones, at a time when being our best is non-negotiable. We strive to be that hospice known in our communities for creating a space that allows the patient and family to find peace of mind, body, and spirit during one of the most beautifully complicated times of their lives.

Interim HealthCare Hospice is a compassionate, patient-centered approach to medical care and support for people who are at their end-of-life. This is based on the philosophy of improving the quality of life when the quantity of time is limited. Our hospice professionals provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support to patients and those who love and care for them. Partnering with hospitals, nursing homes, and community-based organizations, Interim Hospice provides care most frequently in patients’ homes, however, care can also be provided in nursing homes and senior living residences, including independent and assisted living.

If a patient needs care beyond what is provided at home, Interim Hospice has relationships with local hospitals and other facilities. In the event of a crisis that must be addressed, Interim supports the patient and their family as they transition back home.

“I was blessed to have the Interim staff care for my mother [and] couldn’t have asked for anything more or better from anyone. I was amazed at how beautiful death could be thanks to Interim.”

Anonymous patient family member

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