Discover meaningful and thoughtful gifts for a healthcare professional in your life.

We all love the idea of gifts. Receiving gifts, gift giving, exchanging gifts… You name it. But if anyone deserves all the gifts in the world right now, it is certainly healthcare workers.

Every hour of every shift, they devote their all to make sure they are meeting the needs of every patient. It is a very serious responsibility with untold strains – especially the added safety risk and emotional toll the pandemic has taken on the entire healthcare workforce.

Gift giving during the holiday season can be a heartfelt and sincere way to acknowledge the service of these amazing healthcare providers and caregivers. We know a thing or two about healthcare providers and we’ve put together a few tips for some extra special gifts to give to that special caregiver in your life, just in time for the holidays, these are 16 of the best gift ideas we’ve thought of. 

1. Utility tote and nursing bag

A large tote with multiple pockets (inside and out) that can easily organize everything you need for work, a necessity for health care workers. Especially if they specialize in homecare or travel nursing, they are always on the go and may not have a desk to keep everything at. Plus, there are many designs out there to choose from that can fit anyone’s style!

2. Shifts: The Journal for Nurses by Nurses

Nurses take part in and share the most intimate and personal experiences with their patients, some amazing, some tough, but all worth holding on to. This journal allows for health care workers to pen down their thoughts, memories, and can offer a channel through which they can unwind.

3. Smart watches

Smart watches are a great way to stay health conscious, and can help with self care, a task often forgotten about when giving all your time to caring for others, especially on those 12-hour shifts. Some even offer Cellular/Data to allow you to see calls and texts through your watch without having your phone on you.

4. Meal kit gift card

Health care workers have crazy schedules, so they may think that cooking dinner at home is nearly impossible with the added stress of grocery shopping and meal prepping. Meal kit delivery services are a great way to get in the kitchen fast and get dinner done in no time. 

5. Compression socks/calf sleeves

Because health care workers typically stand for long periods of time, compression knee socks or calf sleeves are an absolute must. They can help lessen calf and leg aches and prevent varicose veins from developing in the future.

6. Bento lunch box

This is a great staple to have to use during break time. Bento lunch boxes are designed with multiple compartments so it’s easy and convenient for you to eat. A bento box is perfect if you’re after a quick and easy lunch.

7. Insulated water bottles

A water bottle that keeps your water cold is great gift for health care workers to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially for longer shifts.

8. Silicone wedding rings

Diamonds can cut through gloves and in some cases, jewelry restricting policies might be a part of your significant others work training. Silicone rings make the perfect functional accessory to remind your  significant other of that special love and bond, in a way that fits their healthcare lifestyle, and that can stay on throughout their patient care!

9. Personalized retractable badge holder

What better way to personalize a gift than to personalize a piece of their day to day work equipment? Nursing is a profession that always requires a visible ID badge. But no one ever said you must use the hospital-issued option. You can find charming designs that are handmade and customizable with custom graphics and art on several accessory websites online!

10. Planner

A planner is a great way to plan out shifts beforehand or write down daily notes with monthly and weekly views. When you’re a nurse, the last thing you need is more clutter. Lightweight and portable, a tablet can carry digital material and provide a device to help with daily planning and note taking needs.  A good planner helps you reduce stress and keep your busy life organized!

11. Caffeine!!!!

Whether to start your day or as a mid-day pick me up, make it a grab and go experience with a nice gift card to their favorite cafe or refreshments vendor of their choice, one less thing on their mind if you help pick up the tab!

12. Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are designed to use deep pressure stimulus to help with insomnia, anxiety, and to increase levels of serotonin. Sometimes the best caregivers to others, forget to care for themselves. 

13. Blue light glasses

It is easy for eyes to strain and fatigue and aching migraines starting to form while looking at a computer screen all day. Especially if you are spending hours charting, blocking blue light with these glasses can help prevent those negative side effects. You can gift these with or without prescription lenses.

14. Hand cream

Between the soap, the sanitizer, the latex, we know that a caregivers hands can get a little rough and worn. A good unscented lotion or hand cream is a gift to help create a barrier on the skin for daily protection from the harsh and drying ingredients nurses use every day.

15. Massage tools

What’s better than going to get a massage? Coming home to a massage. Consider buying a massage device for them to use after a long day of work. Muscle, joint, and pressure point care can really help the tension that builds up throughout a hard work day!

16. Night routine essentials

Whether it’s a candle, essential oil diffuser, bath salts, or a great face mask, there are several ways to decompress after a long day of work. Consider gifting them something that can help relax them before settling into bed.

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