They kept us safe at home—now it’s our time to return the favor.

The veteran population crosses a wide spectrum of individuals, from elderly World War II veterans, to baby boomer Vietnam Vets, to today’s younger heroes who served during the Gulf War era and in the present day Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

America’s veterans have done what has been asked of them in their mission to serve our country. Whether it’s skilled home healthcare for our wounded warriors, hospice services, or making a difference with some personal care and extra assistance, we do what we can to to help our American veterans. We understand how important it is to make sure that our veterans have access to the care & benefits they’ve earned. We work with the Veterans Assistance has several programs that can reimburse veterans for home care services, as well as hospice and palliative care services, based on certain qualification criteria.

The Aid and Attendance Program

An important benefit offered by Veterans Affairs (VA) to veterans, veteran spouses or surviving spouses is the Aid and Attendance program. Aid and Attendance is for applicants who need financial help for in-home care, to pay for an assisted living facility or a nursing home. It is a non-service connected disability benefit, meaning the disability does not have to be a result of service and is paid in addition to a veteran’s basic pension.