Arthur (right) and son Harry (left) Salo, Co-founders of Interim HealthCare RMC

Interim HealthCare’s story starts in 1971 formerly known as The Salo Organization; the vision of one man with big ambitions. At the age of 58, this man took a big gamble that would result in the largest franchise of Interim HealthCare Inc.

New Beginnings

This man’s name was Eino ‘Arthur’ Salo. With an impressive background in finance in the precious metals industry, he joined Medical Personnel Pool (now known as Interim HealthCare Inc.) in 1971 and became one of the first franchise owners for the company. With his wife Nina, they opened four offices in Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Milwaukee..

Eino ‘Arthur’ Salo

With little more than a vision to pioneer healthcare in America, and the will to learn, Arthur and son Harry Salo, learned the business. With guidance from MPP’s co-founder Al Sorensen, the model for Interim HealthCare was founded– bringing care to patient homes.

Harry was able to expand the franchise massively, with the guidance of Arthur and Al, throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, and open our Morgantown, WV office by the mid-1980s.

Harry Salo

In 1992, Medical Personnel Pool changed its name to Interim HealthCare Inc. as the company continued to offer services within our diverse lines of business, all under one banner.

Leaders of a Lifetime

From the Salo family that founded our organization to our leaders today, Interim HealthCare has been led by some incredible people over the years.

Michael Hartshorn and late Jane Sopko (former COO of Interim HealthCare)
Former IHC President (1990), Michael Hartshorn
Tom DiMarco in the 90’s
President, Chris Oswald CEO Tom DiMarco (right)

In 1984, Tom DiMarco (CEO) joined us as a Controller for Interim HealthCare when they only had the four locations at the time. Two years later, he acquired a minority portion of the company and eventually acquired majority ownership in 2004. As a pioneer within the organization, Tom continues to lead the organization as CEO.

In 1993, Christine “Chris” Oswald joined us as an entry-level accountant. Through persistence, hard work and dedication to the organization, she was appointed to Chief Financial Officer then finally President of Interim HealthCare in 2019. Ever since their first days at IHC, they have continued to work and serve tirelessly.

Nicholas Reiser (COO), Chris and Tom at Interim HealthCare’s 50th Anniversary

Interim HealthCare Today

Over the years, Interim HealthCare has grown from just 4 offices to over 70 offices in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, our team is the largest franchise within the Interim HealthCare Inc. network. As a people-focused organization, we pride ourselves on serving with integrity and providing exceptional care and client service. We are lucky and proud to have served hundreds of thousands of patients and clients for over 50 years.

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