We understand that researching care options for you or your loved one can be overwhelming. The first and most important step in your care plan is knowing your options. Hospital care? Nursing home? While these options are routes some families may, they do require making big lifestyle changes.

Consider home care. This has been the best solution for patients to stay in the comfort of their own homes and continue living their everyday life.

While there are several of reasons that answers the question, “Why Home Care?”, we came up with the top 7 reasons down below.

7 Benefits of Home Care

  1. Comfort
    Other than being able to be to stay in a place that is most familiar and comfortable for a patient, Being in familiar surroundings can be especially beneficial for those suffering from progressive conditions that affect the memory such as dementia.
  2. Personalized Care
    Patients receive one-on-one attention and a care plan that is tailored to their specific needs. This makes treatment more effective and builds trust among the patient, caregiver and home health care team.
  3. Faster Recovery
    Research studies have shown that patients can recuperate and heal faster and much more comfortably when they’re at home, compared to staying in a hospital or a nursing home.
  4. One-on-one attention
    The personal nature of home care allows your loved one to be the primary focus of the caregiver. Their job is to provide a level of attention and care that ensures your loved one is safe and comfortable. Their needs are met much faster compared to those in a residential facility.
  5. Independence
    One of the primary benefits of home health care is that it helps older adults continue doing everyday tasks, such as walking, bathing, dressing and preparing meals, which ultimately helps them live a more independent life.
  6. Companionship
    With no time restrictions or set visiting hours, patients get more social interaction. This combats loneliness and brings families together.
  7. Comprehensive approach
    With a team of nurses, therapists, aides, companions, and healthcare professionals, they provide you or your loved one a full continuum of care, encompassing personal care and support, alongside the activities of daily living through home health and hospice care.

At Interim HealthCare, we’ve put over 50 years of experience into our signature standard of care, HomeLife Enrichment®. It is the most comprehensive approach to home care available, designed to encompass care for the whole individual—mind, body, and spirit, in addition to care for the family. That’s why Interim has been the first choice for so many families for over five decades.

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