With Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, 2/14, there must be a handful of people who waits until the last possible second for gift shopping. Whether you are seeking a gift for a friend, family member, your caregiver or patient, you still have time to score big on the perfect Valentine’s Day present to show how much you care and appreciate them. Better late than never, check out this list of 50 Valentine’s Day gifts for anyone precious in your life.

50 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  1. Home baked goods – cookies, cupcakes, pastries, etc.
  2. A candle
  3. Cozy blanket
  4. Hand-written letter
  5. Box of chocolates or any sweets
  6. Stuffed animal – stuffed bear, valentine’s day themed bunny, etc.
  7. Soft, natural-smelling candle
  8. A journal
  9. Flowers (score big on flower delivery services)
  10. Fuzzy socks
  11. Giant Hershey’s Kiss
  12. Cozy robe
  13. Home cooked meal
  14. Gift cards to their favorite places
  15. A new book
  16. Polaroid camera
  17. Photo album
  18. Music speaker
  19. Perfume/cologne
  20. Jewelry box
  21. Bath salts
  22. Small succulent plant
  23. Pajamas
  24. Essential oil diffuser
  25. Hot chocolate gift set
  26. Coffee maker
  27. A weighted blanket
  28. Heart shaped mini waffle maker
  29. Chocolate covered strawberries
  30. Edible arrangements
  31. Silk pillowcases
  32. Card game
  33. Flowers with a new vase
  34. Sleep mask
  35. A new coffee mug
  36. Cozy house slippers
  37. Matching jewelry
  38. An online subscription (weekly food prep service, masterclass, audible, virtual cooking classes, etc.)
  39. Fondue set
  40. Large house plant
  41. Preserved roses
  42. Travel mug
  43. Valentine’s Day themed socks
  44. Tickets to a movie
  45. DIY charcuterie board
  46. DIY (cake in a jar)
  47. Mini speaker
  48. Heart shaped cookie cutter
  49. Wireless chargers
  50. Wall art

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