If you’re considering in-home senior care for yourself or a loved one, you probably know that help is available for things like transportation to appointments and medication management, but home health care includes so much more. Knowing the facts about home health care will help you determine whether this is the best option for you or your family.

Facts about Home Care

  1. Home health care is not the same as in-home care.
    Home health care is when a licensed medical professional is hired to come to your home and help you heal. An in-home professional is someone who is there, often specifically for an elderly person who may need a little extra help and supervision with the day-to-day tasks and schedules. This service may not be medically necessary, but it is most definitely providing companionship. At Interim HealthCare, we offer both.
  2. Home health care isn’t only for the elderly.
    Whatever treatment is needed in the hospital, as long as your physician releases you for inpatient care, we can come to the comfort of your home to continue on the road to recovery. Many times, those with tight schedules can opt for something like home care because it provides flexibility and privacy. 
  3. Nurse care is available outside of the hospital.
    Here’s a good framework for you if you’re considering home health care but aren’t sure if we can help: If it can be done by a nurse, we can provide aid in your home! Whether it’s diet evaluation, physical therapy, IV injections, wound dressing, or whatever else may be needed, as long as a nurse can provide it, we can come to your home to make your life easier. 
  4. Home health care is money-wise and comfortable
    Home health care is considered to be more cost-effective, more comfortable, and just as effective as the care you would receive from a hospital or nursing facility. The beauty of home health care is that it saves your time while providing you with comfort and effective care from your own home. 
  5. Not all Home Care Agencies are the same
    Once you have decided that home care is right for you, there is one crucial thing you have to do – research. There are plenty of agencies to choose from. Use your resources and ask around. Find an agency that’s certified and provides high-quality care. Read about them on their website, in forums, and ask as many people as you can, especially those you trust, about their experience with that agency. It is also important to know about the services they offer and if their services are in line with your needs.

Choose Interim HealthCare as your Home Health Care Provider

With our team of nurses, therapists, aides, companions, and healthcare professionals, we’re here to provide you or your loved one a full continuum of care, encompassing personal care and support, alongside the activities of daily living through home health and hospice care

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  1. Thank you for explaining that home care isn’t just for seniors. My husband was recently injured and his recovery is going to be very long. I’ll be sure to share this with him and see if he’d be willing to look into home care to help with this.

  2. Ooh, nice! I love the fact that home care can be such a great choice for those who are recovering from surgical procedures. My boss could relate to this because he just underwent a minor surgery a couple of days ago but has no desire to be hospitalized beyond next week. Alright then. it’s about time he considers this option by contacting a healthcare provider.

  3. I appreciate you pointing out that not just elderly people need home care. My spouse just suffered an injury, and his recuperation will take a very long time. I’ll make sure to let him know about this and ask if he’d be willing to research home care to aid with this. Thanks for this!

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