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Helping Hands Loan Program by Interim HealthCare

Life happens.  We all could use a little help now and then.  That’s why Interim HealthCare is here to lend support when you need it through the Helping Hands Loan program.

What is a Helping Hands Loan?

  • A no-interest loan of up to $750, intended to assist individuals encountering financial difficulties due to unforeseen expenses that make it difficult to cover essential living costs.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Employed with Interim HealthCare for at least one year, and working consistently for at least one year prior to loan request.
  • In good standing with the company.
  • Must not be in the process of applying for FMLA or going out on an unpaid leave.
  • Documentation must be supplied to support the amount requested.

How to apply for a loan?

  • Complete the required information below, upload copies of your support documents (support documents must be attached to be considered) and sign to agree to pay the off immediately if you leave the company.

Note:  Any balance will be deducting from your final paycheck.  If there are not enough funds to cover the outstanding balance and failure to make arrangements to pay off the loan, a 1099 will be issued at the end of the year for the outstanding balance. This amount will be taxed as income.

  • Click “submit to manager” for approval.
  • Once approved, your manager will submit to IHC Regional Management Center for final approval and funding.

Note: Loans will be granted at the company’s sole discretion based on needs and available funds.

How are funds received if loan is approved?

  • If your loan is approved, the funds will be added to your next paycheck as non-taxable.
  • In the event of an emergency requiring immediate assistance, a pay card will be issued and can be collected from your local IHC office.

How are payments made?

  • The length of the loan is 7 months total. Payments are made through payroll deductions
  • A 30-day grace period can be elected and up to 6 months to pay the loan back.
  • If grace period is not elected, you have up to 7 months to pay it back.
  • Remember, funds are limited, repaying it promptly will enable others in need to access a loan sooner.

To Request a Helping Hands Loan

please complete the application below, filling all required fields and providing necessary documentation.

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Employee Name
Please input your email as it is saved in your ADP My Profile, if you have an Interim HealthCare email, please use your work email.
Employee Address
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please specify Office Name/Branch Location
Choose the terms of the loan by placing a check mark in the appropriate box:
Please select your approver by region and line of business, if you are a home healthcare employee, please select your approver by region. If you are a hospice or staffing employee, please choose your approver by line of business, unless you are a member of Dayton, OH Hospice team, in which case please select (Crystal White, Dayton OH Hospice)
I understand that my loan amount will be applied to my next paycheck pending approval. If the loan amount is needed urgently,If the loan amount requires immediate funding, I will be responsible for contacting my local office for assignment and pickup of the pay card. PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE ONE OF THE BELOW
I agree that in the event my employment with Interim HealthCare is discontinued for any reason, or if at any time during the loan repayment my wages are not sufficient to meet my obligation of a payroll deduction payment as described above then this note shall become IMMEDIATELY due and payable and Interim HealthCare is authorized to deduct the full amount from any funds that Interim HealthCare owes to me, including wages. If for any reason my obligation is not paid in full, the unpaid amount will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service via form 1099-C at year end.