FSSA is issuing Interim HealthCare of Indianapolis funding to support our direct service workforce. Interim HealthCare of Indianapolis will receive a total of $47,415.99. The total amount will be distributed in three equal quarterly payments of $15805.33. The total award amount for each provider is calculated based on a flat percentage rate of 9% applied to SFY 2022 paid claims expenditures.

We plan to use the funding in the following 3 ways to invest in our DSWs:

1. Sign-On bonuses: To provide immediate support to our workforce, we plan to issue bonuses to direct service workforce. We will dedicate 3% of the grant amount towards this sign-on bonus. We will issue these bonuses at 30 and 60 days after hire. Employees can expect to receive the funding through a payroll bonus check through September 30, 2023

2. Bonuses: As a part of our long term strategy,  We will dedicate 85% of the grant amount towards this bonus weekly. We will issue the bonuses on every weekly paycheck through September 30, 2023.

3. Wrap around benefits: We will dedicate 7% of the grant amount towards payroll taxes. The taxes will be deducted from the weekly bonus pay amounts through September 30, 2023.

Timing wise, our goal is to use the funding as soon as possible so that we can provide immediate funding to support our workforce. We are aiming to spend all funding by September 30, 2023. Please reach out to Interim HealthCare of Indianapolis at 317-755-1687 with any question regarding how the funds will be spent.