Past Interim HealthCare employees for a referral bonus of up to $500 for each candidate that is hired into a clinical position with any of our offices in Ohio. See below for rules and exclusions.

RNs & LPNSSocial Workers, or Physical, Occupational & Speech TherapistsNursing Assistants & Home Health Aides
$500.00 per full-time RN or LPN$350.00 per full-time Social Worker, PT, OT, or Speech Therapist$250.00 per full-time STNA/CNA or Home Health Aide
$350.00 per part-time RN or LPN$250.00 per part-time Social Worker, PT, OT, or Speech Therapist$150.00 per part-time STNA/CNA or Home Health Aide
$150.00 per PRN RN or LPN$150.00 per PRN Social Worker, PT, OT, or Speech Therapist$100.00 per PRN STNA/CNA or Home Health Aide


  • All past employees of Interim HealthCare are eligible to participate by referring candidates to the program. Exclusions to this policy are HR/Talent Acquisition employees, leaders hiring for their own vacancy, or stakeholders who may directly influence the hiring decision.
  • The referral bonus cannot create a conflict of interest. For example, if an Interim alumn works for a current client, has direct involvement in business assignments or contracts with Interim HealthCare, or any other situations that would create a conflict of interest.
  • If there are multiple referrals for the same candidate, time and date stamping on online applications will be used to identify which referral was submitted first. In the instance that this cannot be verified electronically, the preferred candidate will be asked to identify their referrer.
  • Referred hires who are rehired by Interim cannot have been employed in any status or paid by Interim for at least 6 months prior to June 2021.

Candidate Submission

The preferred method for referral submission will be through the career site application and the referred applicant provides the referrer’s name. Other submissions submitted in alternate ways may have delayed pay-outs. All referrals must still apply online.

Who Can Participate?

All Interim HealthCare Alumni, except for HR staff, talent acquisition team members, and anyone who has an influence on the hiring decision for the role. Hiring leaders may participate as long as recruits are hired outside of their reporting divisions, and they do not have the ability to influence the hiring decision.

Alternative Methods:

  • Email the referral to talentacquistion@interim-health.com
  • The referred candidate can call the Interim Talent Hotline at 855.509.7900 and give their referrer’s name to one of our team members.

To Participate in the Referral Program, You Should:

  • Have a conversation. Before submitting a referral, speak with the potential candidate directly about opportunities with Interim HealthCare and let them know what to expect during the interview process. Since our talent acquisition team will be reaching out to qualified candidates within 1-2 days of submission, we want them to expect our call. 
  • Submit referrals online via our careers page, encouraging the applicant to list you as a referrer. We want to make this process as easy as possible!

*Full-time includes those working 30 or more hours on average per week.
**Part-time includes those working between 16 and 29 hours on average per week.
***PRN includes those working between 10 and 16 hours on average per week.